Sunday, October 16, 2011


Love is so fulfilling. Who needs much money? Love is so tremendously satisfying. Who wants power? It is a transfer: If you can love a man deeply, you will not need anybody else’s appreciation; that one man’s appreciation is enough. That one man has looked into your eyes and seen your potentiality. That one man has looked deeply into your heart and has loved you. That one man has looked into you and seen what is great in you, what is beautiful in you, and you have looked into his eyes and seen the reflection of your being there. It is enough — you become worthy. Suddenly you have worth — you are not just useless, you have tremendous worth. And the worth is not of the quality of utility – not that you are useful, that’s why that man is in love with you. He is simply in love with you! Love is unconditional. It is not that you are moral, that you are virtuous, that you are educated, that you belong to a very famous family – these things are irrelevant; he simply loves you as you are! It is not that he sees that in the future, you will become very famous, it is not that in the future you will become a great intellectual, a great author, a great actress, no! He simply loves you as you are; this very moment as you are, is enough for him. That gives worth!

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