Saturday, November 12, 2016

Live Footage of Five People swept by Flash Flood (India) (5 लोग नदी के ...

Watch out live footage of five people swept away in a flash flood. (Madhya Pradesh, India) (Voice : Hindi)

Five family members were swept in Patalpani area of Indore by a flash flood. (Madhya Pradesh, India)

Three members of a family were drowned as flash flood caused a sudden flow of water in the Patalpani waterfall near Indore. A tragedy for this family, as resulted - the father and 2 girls died while the 2 boys are alive.

This unfortunate incident took place in Madhya Pradesh, India. Five persons got caught in the rising waters of a flash flood. They lost their footing and got swept over the waterfall. As per last available reports two were saved, one dead body was retrieved and the remaining two were missing. Local people had warned the tourists against sitting in the risky areas of the stream to which some seem to have paid no heed.

Local team searched them farther downstream. Only two bodies recovered were found as far as away from it. Two boys survived the flooding.

Several agencies have try to find the missing individuals.

Note :

  • 1) The National Guard should be called in to help with recovery and clean up in any such incidence.
  • 2) It is always unbelievable and something you never expect to see or have to deal with during flood or waterfall area. So always be careful in waterfall region.

Consideration :

  • 1) Getting thrown into rough waters like that is the scariest thing, even with a life jacket on.
  • 2) They could have made it if they moved faster. If you see water rapidly rising, you need to act fast!.

If they would have just stayed in that one spot and waited it out they would have made it.

This was an act of God and something that we can not control.

In Hindi : 5 लोग नदी के बहाव में बह गए. ये बहुत ही दुखद घटना थी. जब भी आप वाटरफाल के पास जाये तो बहुत ही ध्यान पूर्वक चले. और आस पड़ोस का मुवाना करे की कहि पानी का फ्लो तो नही बड़ा गया हे.

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